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Hello I'm Kathy


Hello I'm Kathy

I know life feels busier and more complex than ever in today's society. The daily struggling of increasing demands and pressures that life throws at us can feel overwhelming, It can significantly affect our emotional and physical and psychological well-being. So it is no surprise to me that four out of ten adults are suffering from compromised mental health well-being.


You don't need to struggle alone together we can explore your unique life experiences. I work towards empowering my clients to understand and make positive changes to their lives. Offering both long term and short term counselling to  both individuals and couples to make sense of their worlds. I understand how difficult it is to reach out and ask for help, but in reading this page you've already started your journey to change; lets do it together.

Meet Kathy

My Aims 


My Aims


It is my aim to create a safe and comfortable environment. Within which you are able to build trust with me as your counsellor in a confidential, safe environment. You can discuss your individual experiences openly and honestly secure in the understanding that you will be listened to in a non-judgmental empathic way.


Sharing with me your world includes talking about life events both past and present sharing feelings and emotions, looking at relationships and their impact on you and exploring thought patterns and how they affect you and those around you.

I recognise that each individual is unique by combining my skills and techniques and using a holistic approach. I tailor my therapy to suit the needs of my clients, at a pace that feels right for them. I use the therapeutic relationship to facilitate positive growth. Helping individuals to understand their emotional responses and explore healthier coping strategies.

About Me

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About Me


I have a Masters in the Art of person-centred counselling, and vast experience of working in the field of mental health for 25 years. Working for both Norfolk County Council and the National Health Service. I currently Mentor students who are taking university qualifications. I also work with Sue Lambert Trust as a counsellor for survivors of sexual abuse or domestic violence.


I have experience working with people who are facing difficult life experiences. Including childhood sexual abuse, rape, trauma, domestic abuse, depression and anxiety, loss, relationship difficulties, parenting issues, abortion, miscarriage, still birth, infant sudden death syndrome, stress, low self-confidence and self-esteem, eating disorders, divorce and separation, addictions and substance abuse.

About me
My Aims - G

— Monique Hale


It is important that you feel comfortable in our sessions together and able to engage fully in the therapeutic process. In a safe, peaceful environment I aim to empower you to explore your world.


In our first session in order to help me understand your reality, we may explore:


The reason you haver entered into therapy.


The therapeutic goal you wish to achieve.


Your mental health history, family dynamics, childhood and upbringing, Work and home life. Past trauma. Physical health issues. Or any other significant factors that have effected your life.


This information gathered from both your past and present have a direct impact on the way you think and process experiences today. Together we can work through your life story and understand both positive and negative behaviour patterns.



Sessions cost and duration


£40 per individual counselling session. The sessions will last for 50 mins

It is important that sessions start and end promptly at the agreed time.


£65 per session for couples. The session will last for 75 mins.


All sessions must be paid for at time of session or in advance by bank transfer.



A Healthier you starts Here


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Contact Information

        Phone                                                      E-Mail                                              Address

 Home 01953 789496


Mobile 07465 436990


                The Turnpike


                Norwich  NR16 1SP

Thank you for your submission I will be in contact within 48 Hours

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